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This month's Spotlight is:  REMCON PLASTICS INCORPORATED

Remcon Plastic, Inc.
208 Chestnut Street
Reading, PA 19602-1809
Phone: 610.376.2666
Fax: 610.375.4750

Founded in 1982 with one rotomolding machine and two employees, Remcon Plastics, Inc. now ranks among the top manufacturers of material handling containers for the food, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. With an ISO 9001 quality level, we offer a complete line of polyethylene products for storage, in-process handling and shipping. Thanks to our production capabilities in both structural foam and rotational molding, our engineering team can develop, design and manufacture custom molded parts at competitive cost.

Our Goal
To be the best resource for rotationally molded and structural foam injection molded parts.

Through continuous training of all personnel and constant upgrading of our equipment and facilities.

Plant Facilities
80,000 square foot rotational molding facility with 8 machines, ovens from 5 ft. to 13 ft. and CNC trimming.
60,000 square foot structural foam injection molding facility with multi-nozzle equipment.

Over the years, our manufacturing space has increased to almost 20 times its original 7,000 square feet to over 140,000 square feet.

Production Capabilities
Thanks to our sophisticated equipment and our highly qualified personnel, Remcon Plastics provides a wide variety of containers ranging in size from less the 1 cu.ft. to over 50 cu.ft.

Most of our products are FDA/USDA compliant. Bulk bins, drums, hoppers, trays, boxes and even plastic lockers: our possibilities are unlimited.

Each product has been carefully designed to fit the needs of a specific industry, thanks to the close collaboration of our Marketing and Sales team with our Engineering and Manufacturing Departments.

Whether you need a hopper for pharmaceutical tablets or a candy tray, or even a bulk bin for meat parts, our team is here to listen and to provide you with a solution specially adapted to your needs.

Each product is available with a broad range of options like stenciling, mold-in graphics, lids, drain holes, valves, aseptic bags…

Custom Molding
And if we don't have a product that matches your specific requirements, our designers will be happy to develop a part for you.

With rotational molding equipment as well as structural foam machinery and an engineering staff who thrives on challenge, Remcon creativity has solved many special design problems.

We custom manufacture O.E.M. products ranging from road barricades and industrial tanks to sliding boards for children's swing sets.

Photo Structural Foam Division 

Give us a call at 800-874-7793,
email us at info@remcon.com


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