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This month's Spotlight is Blazing Technologies, Inc.

BTI introduces the "BUV" Bold Utility Vehicle at the Maryland Horse World Expo.

Blazing Technologies, Inc (BTI) of New Morgan, Pennsylvania has launched a revolutionary new electric vehicle for the utility market. The BUV is not another golf cart, but a heavy duty, high torque, extremely maneuverable piece of equipment with a multitude of attachments, designed to be used on the farm, in the barn, or in a horse stall. BTI’s vast experience in the custom design of electric vehicles has stimulated a smart drive axle that provides a vehicle propulsion system that has the capacity to drive and steer simultaneously via a single-handed joystick. This “point and shoot” technique allows, for the first time, to combine front wheel drive, front wheel steer, combined with both zero turning radius and “posi-traction” capability on ice, and muddy terrains. This means there are no longer traditional steering wheels, mechanical linkages, tie rods, king pins, and other high maintenance items which equate to costs and inefficiencies.

Utilizing four 12-volt deep cycle batteries to yield a 48-vdc system, the unit has torque capacities exceeding traditional electric utility vehicles and matching many two-wheel drive combustion units. With power that matches many combustion vehicles, the BUV can be utilized in many environments that only the noisy and heavy pollution combustion machines currently dominate. For this reason BTI has targeted the equine market recognizing that with either a dump box or onboard manure spreader option (built for BTI by Mill Creek), it can quietly and efficiently maneuver in small barns when mucking stalls or hauling feed, grain, or hay. BTI can now boast that we have developed a piece of user friendly equipment that can literally “save time by making time” for that other important business.

Because the BUV has developed an intelligent drive-steer system utilizing one simple input device (e.g. a joystick) it allows for the unit to be ADA approved for the disabled. In fact, the system is so forward thinking that BTI has filed for a patent that allows the invention to expand into industrial, agricultural, military, construction, and recreational and even general automotive arenas.



Bob Backer
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Blazing Technologies, Inc.
Sales office: 717-765-8662
BTI office: 610-913-7657



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