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For members who do not have a Riverfront checking account, a STAR® ATM card provides convenient account access.

Complete account access - You can withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds and check your balances at any ATM displaying the STAR® or PLUS System logos. The first 6 cash withdrawals of $25 or more each month will incur no fee from Riverfront. For a listing of ATM locations visit www.star.com or call 1-800-THE-PLUS.

Surcharge relief - We realize that virtually every ATM out there charges for transactions. To help our members avoid some of these charges, Riverfront has teamed up with over 370 credit unions throughout Pennsylvania to offer surcharge free ATM access at over 700 participating ATMs in fourteen states. This is known as the ATM Selective Surcharge Alliance or CU$®. For a current listing of these surcharge free locations, call our office, click here CU$ or visit the following websites: www.pcua.coop, www.cudollar.org.

Riverfront's ATM Network

Riverfront members who use their Riverfront STAR® ATM, Mastercard MasterMoney™ debit card or Visa credit card to access ATM machines owned by us enjoy:

● NO FEE when accessing your accounts.
● NO FEE for the number of withdrawals per month.
● NO FEE for our $25 minimum withdrawal.
● Monthly refunds for balance inquiry fees.

Our ATM machines participate in the Pennsylvania Credit Union ATM Selective Surcharge Alliance. This alliance allows Riverfront members access to participating credit union ATMs without incurring a surcharge from the ATM owner. For a current listing of these surcharge free locations, call our office, click here CU$ or visit the following websites: www.pcua.coop, www.cudollar.org.


Applying for this Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We provide our members a choice when signing up for new services. Applications can be done either online or manually:

Online Version

1. Log on to Online Direct (if you are not enrolled in Online Direct, please refer to the Manual Version below).

2. Click the Transaction button

3. Click the Applications button

4. Complete the Access Services Mini Application.

5. Submit application

6. New cards should arrive within 10-14 days

Manual Version

1. Print out our PDF version of the Access Services Mini Application
(The Access Services Mini Application can be used to apply for several services at once, including enrolling in Online Direct.)

2. Complete the Access Services Mini Application (Remember signatures at bottom of form)

3. Mail completed and signed application to:

Attn: Financial Services
Riverfront Federal Credit Union
430 South 4th Street
Reading, PA 19602

4. New cards should arrive within 10-14 days of receipt of application

If you are not a member at this time, and wish to join the credit union, please complete our Membership Application. If you have any questions please contact us at (610) 374-8351 or (800) 451-3477 or email us at MemberService@Riverfrontfcu.org.

ATM Fees


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