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This month's Spotlight is Paragon Optical Company

Paragon Optical has been a major glass supplier to the world’s largest corporations for over three decades. Continuing expansion has allowed the company to provide better service to their customers. Paragon specializes in custom industrial glass needs.

For over 30 years, Paragon Optical has meant quality service to the following trades:

Graphic ArtsFacilitiesFacilities
Printed circuits
DNA sequencing

Regardless of glass size or thickness, Paragon can machine grooves and drill holes that are virtually chip free and offer uniformity of groove configuration, while holding grove depth to close tolerances.

Some of the Capabilities Include:
* blancharding
* cutting
* core drilling
* heat treating
* photo filters
* sating ground finishes
* glass substrates
* rapid speed finishing
* edging
* sawing
* shaping
* blocking
* fringe tolerances
* face plates
* camera focusing screens

Paragon’s custom made machinery can fulfill all of your glass requirements. They have the ability to grind and polish any type of glass up to 70” x 120”. Their unique blocking methods use no heat and no strain, therefore greatly reducing the possibility of breakage, chipping or loss of original surface flatness. Paragon also has the capability of achieving a lasting surface flatness of .00025 over 120”, measured both on and off the machine.

Paragon Optical Company

658 S. Seventh St.
Reading, PA 19602
Phone: (800) 508-9722 or (610) 372-5056
Fax: (610) 372-7780


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