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This month's Spotlight is M.J. Reider Associates Inc.

M.J. Reider Associates Environmental Testing Laboratories, Incorporated was founded by Dr. Malcolm J. Reider in 1952 to provide local laboratory testing for industrial and commercial clients. Today M.J. Reider Associates, Inc. is owned and operated by Dr. Reider’s children. We are a Women Owned Business, certified by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Currently we have expanded our facility and expertise to efficiently furnish a complete range of environmental testing and sampling services. Not only are we certified for testing 172 analyses in Pennsylvania we also hold numerous additional state certifications. M.J. Reider was one of the first laboratories to achieve certification through NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) and INELA (Institute for National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation). In addition to our accreditation we have been awarded to Distinction of the ACIL (American Council of Independent Laboratories) Seal of Excellence for three year running.

We’ve kept pace with the challenges presented by today’s environment and customers evolving needs by constantly adding state-of-the-art equipment to our accessible laboratory located at 103-107 Angelica Street Reading. The personalized, quality attention provided by our highly trained professionals has set us apart from other accredited laboratories. You can depend on M.J. Reider Laboratories for results completed with speed, accuracy and confidentiality.

The Laboratory adheres to a rigorous Quality Assurance program. M.J. Reider Associates uses only EPA and PA DEP approved methods of analysis. Our comprehensive capabilities include: Public Drinking water, swimming pool sampling and reporting, Bacteriological analysis, Chemical analysis, ground water testing, monitor well sampling and testing, Municipal Water and Wastewater testing, NPDES monitoring, Liquid and Solid waste testing, Dairy testing and much more. We specialize in private home well water testing and consulting. One of our knowledgeable Technical Directors can assist you with the selection of testing, interpretation of the results and advise you of the quality of you home drinking water.

As you can see M.J. Reider Associates, Inc. is a full-service Laboratory with demonstrated expertise in all fields. In addition our capabilities are backed by a reputation for thoroughness and integrity. We believe you will find we are available to answer questions and concerns about any aspect of your project, In fact, we’d like you to think of M.J. Reider Associates as a concerned business partner. We look forward to taking on your project and we are confident we can exceed your highest expectations.

M.J. Reider Associates, Inc.
Licensed Analytical Laboratories


107 Angelica Street
Reading, PA 19611


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