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Linette Quality Chocolates----Kim Englehart, H.R. Coordinator
"Our employees enjoy having Riverfront come out to our company for visitations."

B&G Glass----Tennille Baer, Marketing
"Our employees love the convenience of having a lump sum deduction and being able to divide that one deduction into several different services."

(South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)---
Luther Chiles, Passenger Service Representative

"We like the personal touch of having a Riverfront representative available to help our employees access products and services."

M.J. Reider Associates, Inc.----Christina Kistler, Human Resource Director
"Riverfront is so easy to work with! A representative comes in twice a year and our employees can take care of any questions they have, open accounts and sign up for direct deposit. I have everything I need for payroll either right away or within a few days. It really is convenient for everyone here that Riverfront comes right to our location."

Sheraton Reading Hotel---Cheryl L Eschbach, Executive Secretary

I always tell our new associates to consider joining the credit union, because:

It is very convenient: you can get on-line to see your accounts which are updated daily. And, you are issued a MAC card which you can use for free at many locations if you don't want to drive downtown to the credit union.

The employees are friendlier than at other financial institutions, where they treat you as if you "need" them & it is their way or the highway, there is virtually no such thing as customer service. But, at Riverfront they always provide great customer service.

They have a great "kids" club & offer several special events year-round for the kids. Also, my kids enjoy submitting their entries to the coloring contests & other contests they have in which they could possibly win something. You can even arrange to build your kids' savings accounts by having a payroll deduction from your check directly into their account.

That's about it... can you tell I love the Credit Union!!!!!!


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