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Q. Sometimes when I press 1 # to enter Dial Direct it replies “We’re sorry, this entry is not understood”.  What should I do?
A. This will happen at times.  Simply keep entering 1 # until you gain access to Dial Direct.

Q. What does it mean when I press 8 for Dial Direct and the phone just keeps ringing?
A.  All the Dial Direct lines are in use.  If you stay on the line, your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.

Q. How many times a month can I access Dial Direct and not get charged?
A. Twelve times a month. After that, the charge is $.75 per call.  Your share one account is charged at the beginning of each month for any incurred charges.

Q. If I perform a transaction in Dial Direct, when will it update on my account.
A. Immediately.  When you access Dial Direct it is real time.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount I can transfer between shares?
A. Yes.  Dial Direct will allow you to transfer up to $9,999.00 between shares/loans.   For higher amounts you can either do two transfers totalling your desired amount or call our office to perform this transaction for you.

Q. If a share has a minimum balance requirement (i.e. Share one is $50.00, Money Market is $500.00) will I be able to access the funds below the minimum balance required for that share through Dial Direct?
A. No. You will be able to access only “available” funds. Minimum balance requirements are not considered "available" funds.

Q. Can I transfer funds from my account to another Riverfront account?
A. Yes.  The other account must be authorized for your Dial Direct account. If this was not done with your initial application, just call us for an application.

Q. Can I pay my Riverfront VISA through Dial Direct?
A.  Yes.  After pressing 1 #, your Account number # and Pin number, press 3# for Visa services, then 1# to make a Payment to your Riverfront Visa account.

Q.  Can I access my other Riverfront account(s) without exiting Dial Direct? Does it count as one call or two?
A. Yes. If your other account(s) is authorized for Dial Direct, simply use transaction code 6#, then 5# (follow the voice prompts for further instructions.)  It would count as one call.

Q. Can I change my Dial Direct PIN #?
A. Yes. You may change your PIN in Dial Direct. This must be done when You enter Dial Direct and key in your Pin. To Change the Pin, enter your current Pin, followed by the * sign, followed by the new Pin and the # Sign.


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