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Q. What do I do if my checks or debit card is stolen?

A. Please call our office. If calling after hours, please leave a message in the member service mailbox. Also, please leave a telephone number where you can be reached the following business day and we will return your call on our next business day. If you have access to Dial Direct and/or Online Direct, you may disable your STAR card or MasterMoneyTM Debit Card on either service.

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Q. How do I stop payment on a check?

A. Stop payments can be done on Online Direct, by fax, or by mail as a written request. The following information must be included: the amount of the check, the check number, who the check was made out to, and your signature. There is also a fee for this service (please see our fee schedule INSERT LINK HERE); excluding lost or stolen checks.

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Q. Why is there a hold on my account?

A. A hold can occur on an ATM deposit, a non-cash deposit that you made at a branch, or from a debit card transaction.

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Q. What does NSF stand for?

A. NSF is a term used to abbreviate insufficient funds when paying by check.

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Q. What happens to NSF (insufficient funds) checks?

A. They are returned to the person or company they were written to. It is up to them to try to redeposit or collect from the maker of the check.

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Q. What is Riverfront Federal Credit Unionís routing number?

A. The 9 digit number is 231385536.

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Q. What are the current checking interest rates?

A. Please check our Rates Chart for the most current interest rates.

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Q. How can I find out what my checking account balance is? My last 10 checks that cleared?

A. Please call Dial Direct at 610-374-8351 or 800-451-3477 and select option #8, or visit our internet service Online Direct.

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Q. Are my cancelled checks returned to me? Can I get copies of my cancelled checks?

A. No. Cancelled checks are not returned. You can obtain a copy of a particular cancelled check by calling our office and requesting that a copy of that check number be sent to you. You are allowed up to 12 free check copies per year.

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Q. Are there any per check charges or monthly service fees on your checking account?

A. No. Riverfrontís checking accounts are free.

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Q. Does a Riverfront Checking Account earn interest?

A. Yes. If you maintain a balance of $750 per month your account earns interest.

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Q. I am interested in a Riverfront checking account but afraid it will be too complicated to switch my account over. Can you help me?

A. Of course we can help. Switching your checking account is easy to do when you follow these few simple steps:

1. Apply for a checking account with Riverfront Federal Credit Union. It is our credit union policy to use ChexSystems Verification Network prior to opening all new accounts to check previous financial history.

2. Order your new checks, MasterMoneyTM Check Card & Sign-Up for either Dial Direct or Online Direct.

3. Fill out a credit union payroll distribution form or sign up for direct deposit with your employer. Riverfront Federal Credit Unionís routing number is: 231385536

4. Provide the new account number and routing number to your payroll department when you receive your checks and new MasterMoneyTM Debit Card.

Usually by the second pay cycle, your payroll deduction or direct deposit will appear in your credit union account. This may vary depending on your employersí policies and practices. Start using your new account with Riverfront Federal Credit Union. As for your old account, let the last items clear and notify them of your intent to close.

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Q. After I make a purchase with my MasterMoneyTM Debit Card, how long will it be before the money comes out of my checking account?

A. The merchant has up to 30 days to put that transaction on your account. Typically, you
should notice it debited from your account within 2 business days.

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