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Q. What are the current savings investment rates?

A. Please check our Rates Chart for the most current interest rates.

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Q. I heard that Riverfront has a minimum savings requirement. How much is it?

A. Our primary savings account requires a $50 minimum balance. This is what is considered your shares in the credit union. A member has one year from the date of opening the account to bring the balance up to $50. Members must have the required $50 in their primary savings account in order to access any other product or service. Children under the age of 16 have until they reach 16 years of age to meet the minimum balance unless they choose to utilize other services (i.e. a checking account).

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Q. I just opened my savings account and I need to close it. Are there any fees involved?

A. Yes. There is a $20 fee for closing the account within 6 months of opening.

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