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• Credit limit ranging from $2000 to $20,000

• Travel accident insurance of $1,000,000


• Credit limit ranging from $2000 to $20,000

• Travel accident insurance of $500,000


• Credit limit ranging from $300 to $15,000

• Travel accident insurance of $250,000

*The actual rate you receive is based on your credit history.

Don't be fooled by low teaser rates on credit cards. Choose a Riverfront Visaź with low rates and no strings attached. Qualified applicants may be approved for a credit limit up to $20,000. You’ll make the right choice by choosing a Riverfront Visaź and saving money with these features:

■  Low rates - Enjoy a low rate on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances.
■  25-day grace period. Take up to 25 days to pay off your purchase amount and pay no interest.
■  No annual fee.
■  No cash advance fees.
■  ZERO liability for lost or stolen cards.
■  No account maintenance fees.
■  Several convenient payment options (Online Direct, Dial Direct, mail, Preauthorized transfer and over-the-counter).
■  No balance transfer fees.
■  The required minimum payment is the greater of $15 or 2% of the new balance.
■  Fraud risk detection service at no charge to you-Alerts you to potential fraudulent activity on your account.
■  Credit protection is available to pay off your card in the event of your death. It also offers the benefit of making your monthly payments in the event that you become disabled, involuntarily lose your job, or take a leave of absence from your job. This benefit is offered for a nominal fee.
■  24hr. Access your Visa account at: www.ezcardinfo.com (Statement information)
■  Fewer or No Fees
■  Protect your card for online Purchases with Verified by Visa

Contact Lending@Riverfrontfcu.org for more information.

Worldwide acceptance – More people hold Visaź credit cards than any other card, making it the most popular payment card there is. Visaź is instantly recognized all over the world, including the Internet. Use your Riverfront Visaź credit card for all your needs across the country and around the world, everywhere that accepts Visa credit cards.

Applying for a your Visa card is as easy:

■  Mail your Visa Application to: Attn: Loan Dept., Riverfront Federal Credit Union, 430 South 4th St., Reading PA 19602

■  By Phone: 610-374-8351 / 800-451-3477 and after normal business hours call 877-850-8231

■  Online through Online Direct:

1. Log on to Online Direct
2. Click on Transactions
3. Click the Applications button
4. Complete the VISAź Application
5. Submit



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