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Business Credit Cards

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Business Credit Cards

Riverfront offers a Non-Variable Rate Business Visa® Platinum Credit Card and
a Business Visa® Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • Business Visa® Platinum – Low Non-Variable rate
  • Business Visa® Cash Rewards – 1.5% Cash Back* on everyday purchases, variable rate


  • A great solution for startup businesses
  • Separate personal and business expenses
  • Ease cash flow by providing the ability to make daily purchases using a Riverfront Business Credit Card
  • Premium Purchase Security
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance Services
  • Extended Warranty Protection

*Cash back accrues at the rate of 1.50% for NET purchases made with participating Card (not including cash advances or balance transfers). Cash accrual is not earned for fees, finance charges, or cash transactions of any kind and may exclude applicable shipping, tips and taxes. Cash back activity including your cash back balance earned will appear on your monthly Riverfront FCU VISA credit card statement. Cash back incentives will be posted to a Riverfront URCash share account. Neither we, nor our service providers, are responsible for inaccuracies in cash accrual due to computer error, late or incorrect data submissions or any loss incurred that may arise in connection with the use of these services. Neither we, nor our service providers are responsible for the performance by any service provider or common carrier. Additional restrictions apply for both outlines promotional programs advertised. Please see for additional details.

Business Services FAQ’s and Information

Business Credit Card Benefits

What Exactly is a Commercial Loan?

As the Chief Lending Officer at Riverfront Federal Credit Union, I’m often asked “What is a commercial loan or a business loan?” Basically, a commercial loan is the same as any other type of loan; except the lending institution is loaning money to established entities such as a business, partnership, a limited liability company or a corporation. So what are the main differences?

The process for commercial lending definitely has a unique approach when it comes to underwriting. The lending institution will look at cash flow of the company first to see if the company generates sufficient cash flow to support the loan amount. Second to cash flow, is the evaluation of collateral. For example, if the loan is utilized to purchase equipment, then the equipment becomes the collateral. If the loan is utilized to purchase a commercial building, then the building becomes the collateral. In some cases, a loan may be unsecured -whereas no collateral is offered. In these cases, the cash flow of the operating entity becomes even more important. Contrasting this type of loan to a consumer loan; whereas a credit score or debt to income may have a higher emphasis on underwriting.

Riverfront Federal Credit Union specializes in commercial lending. For more information, please call Anthony Pomponio at (484) 345-4160 and we can discuss your business needs with the goal of improving cash flow and making your business a success!

Kritina McCoy

Business Development Representative

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