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Alert: Protect Yourself from Credit Union Impersonation Scams

Credit Card eStatements

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Go Paperless with Your Credit Card Statements

Signing up for credit card eStatements allows you to enjoy the added convenience of online access to your monthly statements and reduces your risk of identity theft. Not only is it free, it’s also friendly to the environment!

Enrolling is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login into Online Banking
  2. On the Left Hand Side menu, Click on the Credit Card Button
  3. From the top menu options, hover on Statements & Activity button
  4. Click on Go Paperless button
  5. Complete the Electronic Services Agreement.
  6. Select your credit card via drop down menu
  7. Click the Edit link to add your email address
  8. Click link to open the file to retrieve validation code
  9. Enter validation code in input box
  10. Accept Terms & Conditions
  11. Click the Submit button