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Affordable auto loans. No mixed signals.

Your ride is important to you, so it’s important to us too! We work hard to give you the best possible terms, rates and financing opportunities on your vehicle loan so you can afford the vehicle you really want. We offer a quick approval process, so you can get out on the road fast!

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Write to Ride Check

With a preapproved Riverfront auto loan, you can take control of your auto buying experience. A Write to Ride Auto Loan puts you in the driver’s seat so you can negotiate knowing exactly how much you can spend, plus you enjoy:

  • Increased bargaining power with a blank check in your hand
  • The flexibility to buy anywhere – this avoids multiple credit pulls
  • Shopping at your own pace

Want to refinance from another financial institution for a lower rate? No problem. We can help you there, too.

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Qualifying Features and Benefits

Debt Protection – Protect your loan and preserve your standard of living

GAP Plus – Receive reimbursement when paying your deductible up to $500 and cover any deficiency balance if your car is totaled

Extended Warranty Protection – Protect your investment and your wallet in case of an unforeseen repair

Skip A Pay – With Skip A Pay, you can skip a loan payment when the time is right for you, during the month of your choice.

Luxe Car Wash – Free inside-out car washes at Luxe Car Wash when you finance or refinance your auto loan from another financial institution with Riverfront and select a term of 60 months or more.

Loan Payment Options

Automatic Transfer

By setting up an automatic transfer on a regular recurring basis from a credit union account, you can set up your payment and forget it. This is easily done in online & mobile banking or conveniently start this when you sign your loan paperwork with us. Ask us how.

Online & Mobile Banking Account Transfer

You can transfer funds from your Riverfront FCU checking or savings account to your Riverfront FCU loan through online or mobile banking. Want to set up a recurring payment? That is easily done in online & mobile banking. New to online banking? Enroll Now.

External Account Transfers

Pay via another financial institution if you qualify. Within our online banking application, you can set up a recurring or one-time payment from another financial institution. Don’t forget to set up the transfer with plenty time to spare before your due date. Once the transfer is established, use the external transfer functionality as often as you want. We recommend doing it as a recurring transfer set to come into Riverfront a few days earlier than your loan due date. That way you know the funds will be available when you need them and your payment won’t be late!!! Click here for setup instructions.

Express Pay By Debit Card

You can make your Riverfront FCU loan payment with a debit card from another financial institution using an online payment. A nominal processing fee will be added to the payment. The fee is displayed before the payment is submitted.

Maximum single payment is $3,000. Maximum total of payments every 30 days is $3,000.

Express Pay From A Deposit Account Held Elsewhere

Using a check from another account you hold with another financial institution is easy when you enter your information right into our online payment portal. A nominal processing fee will be added to the payment. The fee will be displayed before the payment is submitted.

Maximum single payment is $3,000. Maximum total of payments every 30 days is $3,000.

Pay By Phone Using Card or Check

We can handle all of the entry for you when you reach out to us at 610-374-8351 with your debit card or checking account information from another financial institution. We will handle entering all needed information to process your payment in a timely fashion. A $10 processing fee will apply and will be discussed with you prior to your authorizing us to perform the transaction.

Maximum single payment is $3,000. Maximum total of payments every 30 days is $3,000.

In Person at the Credit Union

Visit any of our convenient branch locations to make you loan payment during branch hours. For a listing of addresses and hours, click here.

Preferred Dealerships

Riverfront partners with many local dealerships to find the car you want and put you into a payment you can afford. Check out our preferred dealerships in this area and ask us how to get preapproved today:

Ways To Apply

1. For members with Online Banking, log in to apply online
2. Call us at 610-374-8351 or 800-451-3477, ext. 5
3. Visit a branch location
4. Apply Now Online

Apply for a Loan or Credit Card

To get started, you’ll need a Social Security number, Driver’s License and, if applying for an auto loan, the VIN and mileage.

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Video Banking

Video Banking – Easy and Convenient

During business hours, our team of experts is ready and waiting to work with you. When you log into your session, you can select which group can assist you from our Personal Member Service, Lending Services, Business Services or Mortgage Services area.

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