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Alert: Protect Yourself from Credit Union Impersonation Scams

Personal Loans

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Personal Loan

Borrow for a one-time need in one lump sum

  • Competitive, fixed interest rate
  • Repayment terms up to 84 months

Express Line of Credit

Just like a credit card but without the plastic

Personal Loans

Qualifying Features and Benefits

Debt Protection – Protect your loan and preserve your standard of living

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Ways To Apply

1. For members with Online Banking, log in to apply online
2. Call us at 610-374-8351 or 800-451-3477, ext. 5
3. Visit a branch location
4. Apply Now Online

Apply for a Loan or Credit Card

To get started, you’ll need a Social Security number, Driver’s License and, if applying for an auto loan, the VIN and mileage.

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Video Banking

Video Banking – Easy and Convenient

During business hours, our team of experts is ready and waiting to work with you. When you log into your session, you can select which group can assist you from our Personal Member Service, Lending Services, Business Services or Mortgage Services area.

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