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Luxe Car Wash

A Clean Car is a Happy Car!

By financing your vehicle with Riverfront, you can take advantage of our low rates, flexible terms, and receive free car washes too!

How Does it Work?

To get started, finance or refinance your auto loan from another financial institution with Riverfront and select a term of at least 60 months or more with a minimum loan amount of $20,000. If you have or open a checking account with a debit card and direct deposit, you can receive free inside-out car washes! It is that easy!

For those wanting peace of mind, we can offer disability, life and unemployment protection on your loan. By electing one or more of these coverages, your car will benefit by receiving free inside-out car washes. As if financing with us wasn’t easy enough, we make it even more worth your while!

Be sure to mention Luxe Car Wash when applying in branch or use the promo code Luxe when applying online.

Ways To Apply

1. For members with Online Banking, log in to apply online
2. Call us at 610-374-8351 or 800-451-3477, ext. 5
3. Visit a branch location

Apply for a Loan or Credit Card

To get started, you’ll need a Social Security number, Driver’s License and, if applying for an auto loan, the VIN and mileage.

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Video Banking – Easy and Convenient

During business hours, our team of experts is ready and waiting to work with you. When you log into your session, you can select which group can assist you from our Personal Member Service, Lending Services, Business Services or Mortgage Services area.

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